Food Contact

FEICA Guidance for a food contact status declaration for adhesives

The Food Contact Status Guideline has been provided by the FEICA Paper & Packaging Working Group. It is primarily aimed at FEICA members and the members of its national association members who are manufacturing adhesives for the food packaging market in the EU. In addition, this guideline can be of interest to users of food contact adhesives such as packaging converters and their downstream users as well as other stakeholders, such as legislators.

FEICA Guidance for a food contact status declaration for adhesives - Guidance 2014   (pdf_button, 19 pages)

FR- Conseils pour une déclaration de composition des adhésifs pour contact alimentaire  (pdf_button, 19 pages)

DE- Leitfaden für eine Lebensmittelrechtliche Statuserklärung für Klebstoffe  (pdf_button, 19 Seiten)

ESDirectrices para elaborar la declaración de conformidad para el contacto alimentario de los adhesivos (pdf_button, 20 páginas)

 IT- Orientamenti per l'elaborazione di una dichiarazione di idoneità dell'adesivo al contatto con alimenti  (pdf_button, 23 pagine)

The document is also available, on demand, in Dutch. Please contact info@feica.eu for more information.



The GMP Guidance, prepared by the FEICA Paper & Packaging Working Group, aims to help the adhesives industry, customers and other stakeholders to understand how the regulation (EC) No 2023/2006 "on good manufacturing practice for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food" can be implemented by the adhesive industry.

FEICA Guideline for Good Manufacturing Practice - 2015 GMP Guidance (pdf_button, 7pages)

FR- Lignes directrices de la FEICA concernant les bonnes pratiques de fabrication (pdf button, 8 pages)

DE- FEICA-Leitfaden zur Guten Herstellungspraxis (pdf button, 8 Seiten)

ES- Directrices de FEICA sobre las Buenas Prácticas de Fabricación (pdf button, 8 páginas)

IT- Linee guida FEICA sulle buone pratiche di fabbricazione (pdf button, 23 pagine)


More information on existing European and national food contact legislation:


 Working together on safe adhesives in food packaging', a FEICA seminar for FEICA company members, A&S national associations and their members, the A&S industry, downstream users associations, industries related to food contact, legislators and other professionals with an interest in food packaging.

Download the proceedings by clicking on the title of the presentation.

Following the seminar, FEICA published a paper on the topic of mineral oil in adhesives for food contact applications (which has been recently updated): 

Mineral Oil in food: Adhesives for food packaging as a source (pdf_button, 6 pages)