Paper Recycling

The European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC)

The ERPC aims to promote paper recovery and recycling across Europe; answer questions concerning paper recovery and recycling in Europe and ensure consistent and accurate supply of information on paper recovery and recycling in Europe. FEICA is one of the partners in ERPC.

The adhesive manufacturing sector, represented by FEICA, continues to educate its stakeholders about the use of the ERPC Scorecard for the Removability of Adhesives Applications and provides explanations on the impact of adhesives applications in paper recycling. To this end, FEICA also maintains a close dialogue with the paper recycling industry.



2013 European Recycling Award

The European Paper Recycling Award recognises efforts in innovative projects that enhance paper recycling in Europe and hopes to inspire others to copy good practices. Apply before 28 June 2013 at www.paperforrecycling.eu. More info in the ERPC press release.

Articles of FEICA members related to paper recycling: