The benefits of being a FEICA member

Make your voice heard in Brussels.

Have an opportunity to play an active role in the Working Groups and influence EU issues affecting the Adhesive and Sealant Industry, and benefit from co-operating with colleagues. As the European representative of the Adhesives and Sealants Industry, FEICA has established good relations with EU legislators and other European industry associations. Add your voice to that of other adhesives and sealants manufacturers in Europe.

Receive early warnings about EU legislation.

Members are kept informed on a regular basis of the key developments affecting the Adhesive and Sealant Industry. FEICA members can anticipate regulatory changes and integrate them more smoothly into their own operational planning.

Receive quality information and advice.

Members receive information tailored to their needs, analysed by FEICA specifically for the Adhesive and Sealant Industry, with input as appropriate from its National Association Members and other experts.

Exchange views and practices.

Members benefit from many opportunities to meet with colleagues of associations, manufacturers, and raw material suppliers active in the Adhesive and Sealant sector for an exchange of views and practices on common issues affecting the Industry.

FEICA Membership 

FEICA Direct Membership (with voting rights in the General Assembly) is open to adhesive and/or sealant producers with operations in Europe and to National Adhesive and/or Sealant Associations in Europe.

1. National Association Members

National non-governmental associations representing companies which are actively engaged in the manufacture of adhesives, and/or sealants or related raw materials and services for sale in Europe or in a neighbouring country.

2. Direct Company Members

Companies manufacturing adhesives, sealant or related chemicals products in European or neighbouring countries and a member of at least one FEICA member National Association

Affiliate Members

Raw material suppliers, other European associations, institutes and service providers related to the adhesives and sealants industry.
Associate Company Members automatically receive all non-confidential information circulated by the FEICA Secretariat. They are invited to participate in the meetings open to them, in particular working groups.

Associate Company Members also have access to information they wish to receive about any developments in European legislation through our Secretariat. They have the right to advise the Board on any subject they believe to be relevant. The only difference from the position of Direct Company Members is that, according to the statutes, Associate Company Members are not entitled to vote at General Assembly meetings, nor are they eligible for membership of the Executive Board, the European Technical Board and European Business Board of FEICA.